S/S 2029 is a collection of physical and virtual fashion exploring adaptation to the digital age as a collectively experienced psychological upheaval.

S/S 2029 is a collection of looks that mix realities.  Each wearable is an integration of a custom augmented-reality app and real-world costuming. The collection addresses cultural digitization as a turning point in brain functioning, self-identity and social interaction using the familiar visual languages of haute couture. It explores several ways fashion and technology may embrace each other in the near future, as lifestyle and tech brands that can create experiences of self-expression assume significant power over our worldviews.

The collection misuses Instagram’s proprietary software Spark AR to explore the tension of social media experiences where promotion and intimacy are integrated. This integration produces an anxiety about the importance of differentiating between reality and illusion, which become less separable with time. What happens when one’s appearance can not be successfully parsed into illusion and reality? A peace has to be made with unknowing.

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