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Hurtling Thru Rosebushes Poem

You open in a sparkling topiary garden. It's night, and foggy. You’re surrounded by strange shapes, potted bushes heavy with apples and giraffes covered in roses. Bach’s Aria from the Goldenberg Variations, but on piano, is coming from all around you. You're faced by a

rainbow-soaked sign:



"Hurtling Through Rosebushes Poem" is an experiment in poetry as a spatial experience, inspired by the features and limitations of online 3D art platform New Art City. The fixed speed of a user's movement is used to create a virtual poetry reading in which timing is defined by distance and words are part of their environment. Charging forward through a heavenly garden, with the theoretical ability to move in directions other than straight ahead, the user who chooses to wander off the path transcends the illusion but forfeits the experience.

Special thanks to Bug_girl_68 and Sammie Veeler for creating Bug World, the exhibition hosting Hurtling Thru Rosebushes Poem.

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