4 Bun Stout_Headpiece VII.png

S/S 2029: Headpiece VII on Delikate Doll.

Sculpted in Zbrush and Maya, rendered with Arnold in Maya, and composited with original photography.

bun stout



3D Generalist Applicant

4.Bun_SS 2029 Jester.png
SS 2029 Jester_closue up.png

S/S 2029: Jester 

Augmented reality in the form of photo filters is already used to obtain and sell facial information. This look from S/S 2029 envisions  spectacle that builds on existing tech tools without paying the price in privacy. The iPhone on the front of this headpiece runs an Instagram filter that turns the person looking at it into a flower, so both the performer and the audience are transformed. The phone is internet-disabled so the app can't transmit facial data back.

S/S 2029: Headpieces III-VI exist in identical IRL and augmented-reality versions. Headpiece III is accessible as an Instagram filter. 

Clockwise: Headpiece III worn by Darcy  | Headpiece III worn by Cassie | Headpiece IV worn by Frank | Headpiece V worn by Zoe | Headpiece III worn by Bun | Headpiece VI worn by Zullay.


S/S 2029: Headpiece I on view at the Sullivan Galleries for "A Constellation of Instances." Using a target tracker, the headpiece triggers its AR components to appear when viewed with Spark AR.

house of bun headpiece I and VI are worn by Javi Aya. Their hair is digitally styled and butterflies cover their face. Sky ring

The Enigma's: The Enigma’s is a set of 3 portraits made from ornamented 3D scans of three Chicago drag hosts: Javi Aya, Hedilio and Tinson Nhon.

3D scans recorded with Artec Eva. Sculpted in Maya and rendered in Maya with Arnold.