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was a collaborative ritual performance with colleagues, roommates and dear friends Ále Campos and Spacey Lacey at Roots and Culture in Chicago, IL. Costumed in original silicone drag made by Bun, as red mermaids with a shared tail, Ále tattooed them live in the gallery with a cloverleaf symbol denoting 'better times ahead' from Lacey's paintings. Bun trained an augmented reality camera on their chest through the process, projected large behind the performers, that was seeking the finished symbol. Once finished, the app recognized the symbol and triggered an animation of a poem by Bun overlaid over their body, telling parallel stories of a sailor seeking a dangerous salmon-mermaid lover and a goldfish emotionally adapting to being cherished by a new family. Live original music performed by Spacey Lacey. Photographs by Kevin Michael Briggs. Video by Claire Fleming Staples. Presented as part of the exhibition "Unidentified and Flying" with Bun Stout and Jessica Tucker.


Made with support from 3Arts Ignite Fund.


Roots and Culture | Chicago, IL


Chicago Reader | "These multimedia artworks hint at new beginnings" 
| Micco Caporale

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