Venus wears the lupine growing in an upside down bowl in the ocean facekini

House of Bun is a ready-to-wear and retail project born out of the idea that art is a method for transforming ourselves and enabling each other to blossom. My couture makes imaginary futures in the present using wearables— so with House of Bun, I’m trying to extend this into simpler, more symbolic items that are more accessible for daily wearing. So far the project includes jewelry, mirrors, and garments. Creating a retail model has made it possible for many supporters to own an original piece of work while supporting larger projects. Cool!

The long-term intent of House of Bun is to produce collaborative artworks in partnership with other trans artists to create mutually supportive financial opportunities. Check out our first collaboration with artist Jacques Beas in the shop right now!

House of Bun is sold IRL at Buddy Chicago and online in the House of Bun storefront. Drops and pop-up sales are announced on Instagram.

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